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They just released the cast and I'm a bit annoyed.

So 2 days ago i get this email right, and the email says ‘Harry Potter and the cursed child cast released’ (i may or may not be paraphrasing). anyway, so I get this email and it has this list that says each character and the person playing them so I go on the email and I look them up and… I think I’m gonna cry.

Albus Potter

Draco Malfoy

Ginny Weasley (well I guess Potter now)

harry freakin’ Potter (love that musical)

Hermione Granger (or Weasley or Granger-Weasley or whatever)

ron weasley (or Granger-Weasley, I’m so confused)

Scorpius Malfoy.


Okay can we please just talk about how 1. only about  two of these are actually stage actors and 2. HAIR COLOR!!! not one of these people has the right hair color (apart from Harry but whatever). then we got the people who are like ‘yeah, but they can just wear wigs.’ NO, they cannot just wear wigs! where is the authenticity? Even dying it still wouldn’t look right. I mean what happens when they try and dye the guy playing Ron’s hair, that will not end well just look what happened to ‘Clary’ in the City of Bones movie.

Dude, my hair is redder than this. (which isn’t really hard coz my hair is sorta, kinda… red anyway). I will not be happy if ron turns out like this. but then if they have wigs that’ll be even worse.


Oh, and their accents are gonna be real annoying but that can’t be helped.


anyway let me know what you think of the cast. and don’t get me wrong I wanna go anyway. do you think they should wear wigs or dye their hair





WTH, I looked at the pictures and went wrong wrong wrong wrong wth

13th Sep, 18

I know right!

14th Sep, 18